New Officers Elected 2010

At our March, 2010 meeting we elected a new set of officers for the Radio Society and the Repeater Association. Below are a set of unofficial results.


W1MX President: Eryn Maynard [KI4YUQ] (eryndm _at_ mit _dot_ edu)
W1MX Vice President: Karl Ramm [N1XPB] (kcr _at_ mit _dot_ edu)

W1MX Treasurer: Drew Dennison (dennison_at_ mit _dot_ edu)

W1MX Secretary: Mitch Berger [N2YIC] (mitchb _at_ mit _dot_ edu)
W1MX Station Manager: Ryan Kingsbury [AG4ZP] (kingryan _at_ mit _dot_ edu)


W1XM President: Matt Goldstein [KB1NCS] (austein _at_ mit _dot_ edu)
W1XM Vice President: John Hawkinson [KB1CGZ] (jhawk _at_ mit _dot_ edu)
W1XM Treasurer: Quentin Smith [AB1IZ] (quentin _at_ mit _dot_ edu)
W1XM Secretary: Christian Ternus [KC2MLF] (ternus _at_ mit _dot_ edu)
W1XM Station Manager: Steve Finberg [W1GSL] (w1gsl _at_ mit _dot_ edu)