Mount Washington Field Day

Over the weekend, some W1MX members went up to Mount Washington in New Hampshire to test 40m with a low noise floor and high altitude. Frigid temperatures meant running operations from the trunk of the car. We used an Orion 2 transceiver with a built in preamp with a wire dipole strung between two rocks. We successfully made QSOs over SSB with people over the east coast from Maine to Florida, and heard call signs from Europe, though they were not able to hear us.… (more ...)

VHF Field Day

The club went on a short road trip to Lake Dennison Recreational Area to practice setting up a VHF field station in preparation for a trip up a mountain. They brought a 73cm yagi, and 6M dipole antenna. Power to the radio was supplied through a generator and battery. Not bringing an antenna analyzer made tuning difficult, but now W1MX has practice setting up a tower with a Yagi, and dipoles on trees.… (more ...)

Field Day 2018

W1MX participated in Field Day, an annual ARRL event where stations leave their usual locations to operate in more public areas, often outside. The main purposes are outreach and emergency preparedness. W1MX set up 2 dipole antennas on 40m and 80m anchored to higher floors of Stata, with the field station set up on the fourth floor. We also operated a Get On The Air station from the usual station using the green wire for 160m, 80m, and Pro-96 for 20m and 40m.… (more ...)

Antenna moved from Wenham to Walker

We moved the Yagi antenna for the EME station mentioned in this page off the roof of the house of the previous owner to the workshop, currently waiting to be reassembled on Walker lower roof. We expect to assemble the antennas on the tower currently sitting on Walker lower roof over Summer 2018. .… (more ...)

Earth-Moon-Earth station moving to W1MX

On March 31 2018, we moved an Earth-Moon-Earth station from its former home in Wenham, MA to Walker Memorial. Some new equipment for W1MX includes a homemade 1.25kW solid state linear amplifier, LinkRF,PowerSDR, Kenwood and antenna rotator to control azimuth and elevation. .… (more ...)

New Officers Elected 2012

At our March, 2012 meeting we elected a new set of officers for the Radio Society and the Repeater Association. Below are a set of unofficial results. W1MX W1MX President: Eryn Maynard KI4YUQ (eryndm at mit dot edu) W1MX Vice President: Amy Yu W1DNA (thessaly at mit dot edu) W1MX Treasurer: Keith Winstein KB9IJB (keithw at mit dot edu) W1MX Secretary: Karl Ramm N1XPB (kcr at mit dot edu) W1MX Station Manager: Ryan Kingsbury AG4ZP (kingryan at mit dot edu) W1XM W1XM President: Ben Barenblat KF5MBU (bbaren at mit dot edu) W1XM Vice President: Quentin Smith AB1IZ (quentin at mit dot edu) W1XM Treasurer: Melissa Hunt KJ6JZH (wings at mit dot edu) W1XM Secretary: Mitch Berger N2YIC (mitchb at mit dot edu) W1XM Station Manager: John Hawkinson KB1CGZ (jhawk at mit dot edu) … (more ...)

New Officers Elected 2010

At our March, 2010 meeting we elected a new set of officers for the Radio Society and the Repeater Association. Below are a set of unofficial results.

(more ...)

W1MX/100 Operations

UPDATE: Domestic and SASE cards are in the mail (Dec 8, 2009) UPDATE: QRT as of Wednesday, May 20th. Roughly 2500 QSOs made with 2045 unique stations! QSL cards have been printed and will be sent out shortly. International cards will be sent through Bureau. Watch here for updates. UPDATE: Operations Extended Through Sunday, May 17th The W1MX/100 special event station will commence operating Thursday, April 30th - the 100th anniversary of the formation of the club.… (more ...)

Online Donations

The MIT Radio Society is now able to take donations online through the Alumni Association’s Giving to MIT website. Please make sure the form indicates that you are designating your gift to the Radio Society (2470000). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.… (more ...)

100th Anniversary Alumni Reunion (UPDATED May 6)

RSVP by May 15 for the Anniversary Gala Brunch by clicking HERE. (Current List of Attendees) The MIT Radio Society’s celebration of its 100th anniversary will reach its peak during the MIT alumni week in June. In addition to open station hours, we are holding a social hour at the Muddy Charles Pub as well as a Gala Brunch at the Whitehead Institute. All MIT Radio Society alumni are welcome and encouraged to attend.… (more ...)