MIT Radio Society

Help Support the MIT Radio Society

111 years after its founding, the Radio Society is flourishing. Student interest in RF engineering, telecommunications, and radio science is growing, and with that growth the club’s membership has swelled.

But we need your help! The center of many of our activities, located on the roof of MIT’s tallest academic building, is at risk due to a major renovation. Beginning this spring, the Green Building is being renovated and our rooftop shack is to be removed. This space is home to our VHF/UHF and microwave contest and research station, W1XM, as well our 70cm repeater, and an ever evolving host of student projects.

Read more about how you can help us continue to provide valuable experiential learning opportunities to MIT students, and please consider lending your support in building a new and better station at MIT!

IAP 2020 Events

  • Every Friday at 7pm 50-358 - Triple Foxtrot - Come hang out, operate the stations, work on your own RF projects or help with projects ongoing
  • January 18th 2:00pm through January 19th 11:00pm - ARRL January VHF Contest - Come and help operate our VHF station on the Green Building roof
  • January 22nd 7:30pm 1-150 - Ham Radio FCC License Exams - More Info
  • Throughout IAP - Lectures on Radio Technology, History, and Applications - see the MIT IAP Guide for more details


Formerly 1XM, the MIT Radio Society (W1MX) is America’s Oldest College Amateur Station.

The MIT Radio Society is a student run organization intended for MIT students, faculty, and staff. New student members are always welcome.

We hold business meetings at 7:30pm on the first Tuesday of every month in 50-358. All members and anyone considering joining the club is welcome, but these meetings are primarily administrative and may not be of interest to everyone.

The best way to get involved with radio related things the club does is to come to Triple Foxtrot any Friday, generally starting between 7 and 7:30pm on the Third Floor of Walker Memorial (50-358).

Please also see the home page of our sister station W1XM.