MIT Radio Society

Help Support the MIT Radio Society

111 years after its founding, the Radio Society is flourishing. Student interest in RF engineering, telecommunications, and radio science is growing, and with that growth the club’s membership has swelled.

Thanks to your support, we can safely say that that growth will continue, and MIT’s tallest academic building will remain a home for amateur radio for years to come.

Read more about how you can help us continue to provide valuable experiential learning opportunities to MIT students, and please consider lending your support in building a new and better station at MIT!

About W1MX

Formerly 1XM, the MIT Radio Society (W1MX) is America’s oldest college amateur station.

The MIT Radio Society is a student-run organization intended for MIT students, faculty, and staff. New student members are always welcome.

We hold business meetings at 7:30pm ET on the first Tuesday of every month, as well as weekly social meetings on Fridays at 7:00pm ET in 50-358. No experience with radio is required to join and have fun. We recommend interested students come to one of the weekly social meetings for a tour of the station and to see what kind of activities we typically do. Contact the officers for information.

With the exception of club trips, we are reliably present in 50-358 every Friday during the semester and IAP–and often present during the summer too.


Please also see the home page of our sister station W1XM.