New Officers Elected for W1MX and W1XM

At our March, 2008 meeting we elected a new set of officers for the Radio Society and the Repeater Association. Below are a set of unofficial results. W1MX W1MX President: Ryan Kingsbury AG4ZP W1MX Vice President: Larry Stone KB1NCQ W1MX Treasurer: Ben Gelb N1VF W1MX Secretary:Christian Ternus KC2MLF W1MX Station Manager Andrew Boardman KF2VV W1XM W1XM President: Matt Goldstein KB1NCS W1XM Vice President: John Hawkinson KB1CGZ W1XM Treasurer: Mitch Berger… (more ...)

2007 ARRL Field Day from Lovell's Island

On June 23-24 members of the MIT Radio Society (W1MX) and the Harvard Wireless Club (W1AF) participated in the ARRL’s 75th annual Field Day. The MIT Radio Society normally participates in Field Day at a station on the steps of the Stratton Student Center, but with a little advance planning the club opted to go a little father afield this year.

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