W1MX/100 Operations

UPDATE: Domestic and SASE cards are in the mail (Dec 8, 2009) UPDATE: QRT as of Wednesday, May 20th. Roughly 2500 QSOs made with 2045 unique stations! QSL cards have been printed and will be sent out shortly. International cards will be sent through Bureau. Watch here for updates. UPDATE: Operations Extended Through Sunday, May 17th The W1MX/100 special event station will commence operating Thursday, April 30th - the 100th anniversary of the formation of the club.… (more ...)

Online Donations

The MIT Radio Society is now able to take donations online through the Alumni Association’s Giving to MIT website. Please make sure the form indicates that you are designating your gift to the Radio Society (2470000). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.… (more ...)

100th Anniversary Alumni Reunion (UPDATED May 6)

RSVP by May 15 for the Anniversary Gala Brunch by clicking HERE. (Current List of Attendees) The MIT Radio Society’s celebration of its 100th anniversary will reach its peak during the MIT alumni week in June. In addition to open station hours, we are holding a social hour at the Muddy Charles Pub as well as a Gala Brunch at the Whitehead Institute. All MIT Radio Society alumni are welcome and encouraged to attend.… (more ...)

Open Station Hours

The MIT Radio Society is now offering regularly scheduled “Station Hours” where interested members of the MIT community can stop by and learn about Ham Radio. The motivation behind holding these hours is to provide a counter-balance to our formal business meetings. During these hours, members and non-members alike are encouraged to stop by W1MX (50-357) to make contacts, work on projects, and so forth. Monitor the “Upcoming Events” list (at right) for most up-to-date station hours.… (more ...)

Field Day 2008 Results

June 28-29 saw members of the MIT Radio Society (W1MX) participating in the 76th annual ARRL Field Day. In the past the club has largely participated from the steps of the Stratton Student Center at MIT, but emboldened by last year’s exciting and successful Field Day on Lovells Island in the Boston Harbor Islands, we decided to try operating from Wompatuck State Park in Hingham, MA - slightly more accessible than Lovells Island, but preserving the “off the grid” qualities that made Lovells so exciting.… (more ...)

2008 ARRL Field Day from Wompatuck State Park

On June 28-29 members of the MIT Radio Society (W1MX) will participate in the ARRL’s 76th annual Field Day. After last year’s successful island expedition, the club decided to choose the easier to access Wompatuck State Park this year in lieu of our traditional location on the steps of the Stratton Student Center.

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New Website

The Radio Society’s website received a much needed face lift today.… (more ...)

MIT-3 Balloon

This flight is a test of an experimental balloon envelope. Hopefully it will acheive float at some altitude. Launch Time: Approx 5pm Eastern, 4/13/08 Launch Location: Cambridge, MA Downlink Frequency: 10.143 MHz Reception Reports to: w1mx-balloon AT mit.edu Launch at 5:20pm EST UPDATE (6pm): Became roughly neutral at around 10,000 feet and is now sinking slowly. UPDATE (6:20pm): Seems that for some reason the low-order digits of the altitude are getting dropped ocassionally.… (more ...)

New Officers Elected for W1MX and W1XM

At our March, 2008 meeting we elected a new set of officers for the Radio Society and the Repeater Association. Below are a set of unofficial results. W1MX W1MX President: Ryan Kingsbury AG4ZP W1MX Vice President: Larry Stone KB1NCQ W1MX Treasurer: Ben Gelb N1VF W1MX Secretary:Christian Ternus KC2MLF W1MX Station Manager Andrew Boardman KF2VV W1XM W1XM President: Matt Goldstein KB1NCS W1XM Vice President: John Hawkinson KB1CGZ W1XM Treasurer: Mitch Berger N2YIC W1XM Secretary: Kelsey Byers KB1ONA W1XM Station Manager: Steve Finberg W1GSL … (more ...)

2007 ARRL Field Day from Lovell's Island

On June 23-24 members of the MIT Radio Society (W1MX) and the Harvard Wireless Club (W1AF) participated in the ARRL’s 75th annual Field Day. The MIT Radio Society normally participates in Field Day at a station on the steps of the Stratton Student Center, but with a little advance planning the club opted to go a little father afield this year.

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